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What We Provide

Private sessions

This is the principal means of learning the Pilates technique and the fastest way to see and feel results. This one-on-one session gives you the sole attention of the trainer and provides the opportunity to create a work-out specific to your needs and goals. This is the best way to start for anyone new to Pilates. We recommend taking at least 5 private sessions before starting an equipment class.

Semi-private sessions

This is small group training with two or three people to a trainer. It is recommended that you find a partner(s) who have similar work-out needs and share similar goals.

Equipment Classes 





These classes utilize all the Pilates equipment including the reformer, tower, and chairs and are limited to 5 people. You must have prior Pilates experience on the equipment and trainer approval before taking a class. 


$375 Package and $720 Package

These packages are designed for maximum flexibility and value.  For clients taking privates or a combination of privates, semi-privates and classes the $720 package has the best value for all sessions.  The $375 package is best for clients who take semi-privates and classes.




Equipment class

$375 Pack/ $75 each


 $54 per person

$45 per person

$37.50 per person

Single pay $80

Single pay $58

Single pay $48

Single pay $40

$720 Pack/$72 each

$54 per person

$45 per person

$37.50 per person

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